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About Crab Cake Hotline

In 1942, at the University of Iowa, John Atanasov and his graduate student Clifford Berry developed and began assembling the first electronic digital computer in the United States (Atanasoff-Berry Computer), Prokofiev completed Sonata No. 7, and Michael Curtiz directed the Hollywood romantic film Casablanca. In the same year, Vincent Cacio, now known as the Crab King, was born in Philadelphia.

Vinnie, with Italian blood in his veins, learned from childhood that food should be healthy and tasty, and that it should be cooked only from fresh and high-quality products. Discussion of recipes at the table, memories of the parents about pizza and prosciutto did their job - without hesitation Vinnie decided to become a cook. The young, ambitious American was confident that someday he would have his own restaurant, but first he decided to practice at his older brother's restaurant. It was there that a significant meeting took place - the chef Clyde was inspired by the boy Vinnie and decided to teach him everything that he knows himself. Remembering Clyde, Vinnie says that the most important advice was to feel like the master of the kitchen: then there will be no problems with staff and food.

A passion for adventure and new culinary experiences drove Vinnie to travel across states and countries. Vincent Cacio has worked in 23 states, Canada and Mexico, and eventually opened his own restaurant in New Jersey. Cooking with your family with fresh produce by the ocean, chatting with visitors, watching the sunsets - isn't that a dream job? The first Crab Cake Hotline restaurant was opened in Avalon. Observing people helped Vince develop the original menu - he saw how much effort people put into being in good physical shape, and decided that food should only contribute to this goal.

Many years have passed since then. The Crab Cake Hotline restaurant was opened in Wildwood. The menu, of course, changed and improved, but the main principle - healthy and tasty food made from fresh and natural products - is unshakable. In addition to delicious crab cakes, which customers have fallen in love with from the first days, the menu includes salads, seafood, soups, bbq chicken and bbq ribs, and desserts.

In 2020, Vince decided to go to Florida and entrust the restaurant in Wildwood to his friend Katie. Having recognized in her his character traits - ease of life, efficiency and ambition, he realized that he could entrust her with the work of his life - Crab Cake Hotline - now Crabcakes r-us Hotline.

115 E 17th ave
North Wildwood, NJ, US 08260

Opening Hours:

Monday 12 PM - 8 PM

Tuesday Closed (Open 4th of July)

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Sunday 12 PM - 8 PM

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